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Minimalistic Scented Candles

Minimalistic Scented Candles

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Add cozy ambiance to your home with our minimalistic scented candles, available in popular scents. Elevate any room with the calming and inviting aromas while maintaining a modern and simplistic aesthetic. Perfect for relaxation or creating a warm atmosphere for any occasion.

Japanese Honeysuckle

Indulge in the calming aromas of honeysuckle with our Minimalistic Scented Candles. With sweet floral notes, this serene scent will transport you to a tranquil Japanese garden, providing ultimate relaxation and capturing nature's elegance. Perfect for those seeking a peaceful and aromatic experience.

Frankincense & Myrrh

Indulge in our Minimalistic Scented Candles and experience a unique and warming scent blend. The bright orange and eucalyptus top notes in our candles lead to a heart of muguet, cedar, and spicy accents, all anchored by deep myrrh, olibanum, and Australian sandalwood. Transform your space with the perfect balance of fruity, earthy, and woody scents.

Twin wick - Burn time of approximately: 60-70 hours.

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